Join us for the 51st Motherlode Volleyball Classic held this Labor Day Weekend in the most iconic ski town on the planet – ASPEN, Colorado!

The Motherlode is truly an end of summer celebration of the sport of volleyball.  Parks and sand courts are filled during the day and there are social gatherings and outings downtown each night.  The competition is unrivaled and the friendships made and renewed in Aspen last a lifetime.

Choose from twenty-four divisions over six days.  Pro-Open on the weekend, Masters Divisions during the week and countless grass opportunities over Labor Day weekend.  Play Men’s and Women’s one day, and CoED the other. Give our competitive triples divisions a go on Friday!  OuttaTown Productions will be back with their unique three-sided nets for Tri-Ball on Friday too.

Top teams compete at Koch Lumber Park and at the Wagner Park Center Court surrounded by music, food, vendors and more!

This year there will be a Masters Gathering Thursday evening at Mi Chola restaurant. The Master’s Dinner is Friday night at Mezzaluna.  Saturday evening, Harper + Hudson invites everyone to a player’s party at their outdoor restaurant downtown.

Be sure to come by Koch Park on Monday, Labor Day to see top Men’s and Women’s teams duke it out in the Pro-Open finals!

Book lodging early!

See you in ASPEN.