Pro Grass Nets

No more saggy nets!

Players invest time and travel to compete in destination volleyball tournaments.  You deserve top quality, well maintained equipment.  With LetsGO tournaments you’ll play on professionally printed FIVB-spec, 8-meter “short-court” volleyball nets with a bottom cable, high-visibility court lines, antennas and pole pads, surrounded by 8′ tall mesh ball stops.  Our nets are setup for you in advance.  


Leave the heavy lifting to us.

LetsGO goes the extra mile for our players.  Every registered grass team is assigned their own Team Tent at check-in.  They’re already setup,  secured for wind and ready for you to “move in”.  Just bring chairs and a cooler.  (of course there is extra room for your friends & family tents too)

Center court village

Earn your spot on Center Court!

Cheer & heckle top teams as they battle through the finals.  Food, vendors and sponsors abound.  DJ Tropical Waffle will be spinning the tunes!