About Us

We love playing in weekend volleyball tournaments.

There's something exciting about the travel, the competition and the player community.  It's the best part of summer.  Socializing with friends and family, playing the sport we love in Colorado's iconic ski towns.



For years we kept a mental list of ideas and small improvements.  We'd talk them through on the drive home.  Eventually the list evolved from discussions to paper.  The list was prioritized and we researched what it would take to build something new.

Our first priority was to improve the playing courts and reduce game interruptions.  We went to the top suppliers and asked them to custom build entirely new net systems to FIVB specs.

LetsGO tournaments are held in Colorado's ski towns.  Most players travel to the events.  Transporting and managing steel framed shade tents is a hassle.  So, we thought it would be beneficial to provide individual Team Tents for every registered team.  They're pre-assigned, set up in advance and secured for wind.  Each team's tent is ready for you to "move-in" upon arrival.  This allows players to focus more on volleyball and friends.

Inspiration was found at the Manhattan Beach Open, Pottstown Rumble and Waupaca Boatride.  These events have perfected use of the center court area.

LetsGO tournaments feature a Center Court Village that's new to Colorado tournaments.  It's a gathering place for top competition, music, vendors, sponsors and food.  We hope you'll stay late to cheer & heckle top teams as the finals competition unfolds.

Kamena Outdoor and Breckenridge's DJ Tropical Waffle were quick to jump in and offer some great prizes and beachy tropical house tunes.  We think you'll like the vibe.

You might notice a few pink nets mixed in.  LetsGO will make a donation to breast cancer support organizations in each of the communities where we operate.  Please join us with your additional support.

With COVID subsiding and Colorado's blue-sky, sunny days getting warmer and longer we're excited to see you at our events this summer.